Thursday, November 4, 2010

Coming to End?

I propose that we end this blog and set a new one. I propose that we share what we know and make memes and things that link back to deviantART.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Saviors of the Natives

                     Saviors of the Natives

                             By: Carmen Hsu


It was raining when the animals came to the plain and declared their rule. To the man’s point of view, that meant the G-ds were pleased since the land had not rained in such a long time.

“The G-ds have sent us a savior!” the man had said to the local townspeople although many were scared.  Many were unconvinced, from far off countries such as China, there was the Boxer Rebellion and the massacring of many people due to the unfair laws from the conquerors in India.  The animals were unlike anything they had ever seen compared to the cowardly hyenas, the noble specimens seemed to radiate as they padded toward the awestruck natives.

General Leon the lion was the first to approach the natives and surveyed them closely. Only the man’s son was bold enough to step out and approach the mighty beast. “Son, no! Get back!” cried the mother, pushing through the scared crowd. “Ah, there is no need to be frightened my dear” rumbled Leon, “in fact, none of you should be. We came a long way from home just to come and help you all.” Behind his mane, a brilliant white creature emerged; its strong legs carried itself as a white silvery mane erupted from its neck as if floating in the rain. “Indeed we did-I beg my rudeness, I am Mr. Stallion. As what the General Leon said, we have come a long way from the decree of our Majesty the Peacock to assist you and your land.”  Many of the people relaxed due to the calming presence of the horse and continued to listen and step closer to the animals. General Leon noticed the change of mood in the natives and motioned the other animals to come and greet the fellow inhabitants. A slinky, black ringed cat four times smaller than Mr. Stallion and General Leon came and sat down lazily. “My, look at these little children, so young and naïve of the world,” the creature purred.

Mr. Stallion snorted and replied “Manners or I shall have to teach them to you.”

“Oh my, I’m scared. Whatever shall I do?”

“You may introduce yourself and make sure to put aside your attitude.”

The cat sighed and padded toward and announced, “Good day to you all, I am known as the Jester the Ocelot, and this here,” signaling the serpent hidden behind its ears, “is the Merchant, Serpentine.” Serpentine opened its slick eyes and peered through cautiously before opening its mouth, “Yes, pleased to meet you alls…I hope you all will look to see the wonderful items I have brought…hope we can all get along well in the future.”


As more and more of the animals appeared, the people became happy and would greet them at the pier. As for Mr. Stallion and the others, he would bring books and paper to the children and teach them of the world such as the current event of a President building a canal in Panama. “Then that means many more animals like you and General Leon will come and play with us?” inquired the children. Mr. Stallion chuckled, “Why yes my dears, and you shall learn more and more from us and be one step closer to us.” At that time, Jester emerged from the bushes and playfully pounced on a little girl. “Yes” he sang as the little girl cried out in surprised and in high-pitched squeal, ran to hug the ocelot. “And you shall learn to be more cunning than the other children, learn to get more and be more powerful than the others thanks to us,” smiled Jester as he gracefully leaped around the children. At that time, Gen. Leon appeared and informed them “Come little ones, I have something important to show you.” He paused and looked back “Stallion and Jester, come as well.” He led the children to the dock and one cried out in shock “What’s with the smoke there?” gesturing to the rising blackness enshrouding the clouds.

“That is your fellow cousins, the Zulu, they were attacking us.” Leon said softly.

Another child piped up, “But why would they attack you? You’re good!”

“Some are jealous...” slithered Serpentine. “They envy your knowledge and the vast materials from trading. “And your cunningness” Jester said. “Yes, look my children, look around you and see your land prosper. See your mother and father there, working, to make your life better and see the materials being shipped off to my homeland only to be given back for you to use and enjoy,” roared Leon.

As years passed, the Natives grew and began to develop ideas of their own. They learned to trade with other people and be smart in decisions. They have also understood that they are no different than other people and that they were just as smart. Thanks to the animals, they were able to learn more and think about more things than they could ever known, they lived happily ever after.




Thursday, November 19, 2009

Anime USA 2009!

TaiNo's first con since the website started! Well. This will be Florence's first con, and my 9th. I hope things go well! I'll be posting on the blog as much as I can all weekend. I'll take pictures, too! This'll get us great publicity!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Onidere (FI)

Onidere, is a manga written by Crystalna Yousuke. the plot is something like this

Tadashi is in his second year of junior high school and is a member of the handicraft club and loves nothing more than knitting. Unfortunately he's in secret relationship with Saya, the member of a notorious all-girl gang, who says she will kill him and herself if anyone is to find out about it.

now, how does it hold up?


its not well done.
the writing is shoddy at best, the art is crappy, the premise isn't very unique, and it's just bland, bland BLAND!!!

but for some reason, it was the 3rd most popular on mangafox! its down to seventh now but thats still WWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY
to high for a series of this quality.

i'm only on chapter 13 or something, but the first couple of chapters should try to suck you in, ITS FAR TO BORING!

if your lookin' for something horrible, or like really bad romances, then maybe look into it, at your own risk.

im sorry for not saying much about this but it's all i got...

"tellin' you what he's got to say"-Florence

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Video Review: Let's meet face to face...

Hello i'm the Webcomicritic, I- oh you'll see....