Sunday, May 31, 2009

We are Taisaku No Fail

Hello, I'm the WebcomiCritic, I do it because, well... Somebody has to!

Well folks, becuase the other memebers of my team are simply too lazy, I'll give a proper introduction.

We are

Taisaku No Fail!

We are a team of Otaku from one common Anime Club. What do we want? To spread the joy. We're gonna be reviewers of Anime so I may as well introduce the team. I'll do icons later.

Florence: The Self Proclaimed leader. He doesn't have a specialty yet, though I see a future in fanficiton recommendations for him.

The WebcomiCritic: My Username is AC Drawings, my Pen Name is Mousa the 14, but as areview, I'm the WebcomiCritic. I'll mostly give very criitical and sarcastic views of anime and manga, and give Webcomics a chance as a new medium. I'm also the Main Arteest and the organizer.

ShadowCloude: The tetiery leader. She'll be in charge of video game and anime reviews (Hopefully). She's a subordinate artist.

Sai: The Major Video Gamer and brother of ShadowCloude. He'll be doing video Games with ShadowCloude

Artie: My Sister, she'll be in charge of keeping you people upt to date with the anime industry. Anything new that pops up, she'll know. And Internet memes, she'll throw those around too. She's another arteest as well.

Hellsing Friend: She's the vampire person and will do anything the rest of us are too scared to do. Expect many youtube links from this one.

And that's all for the time being, more of us will pop up later, I assure you.

what's more, We intend to do videoes, AMVs, and artwork. We're the Otaku establishment, ANime, manga, Video Games, we are Just that.

Anywho, that's the gist of us.

"Face Front, True Believers!"-Stan Lee (My Idol)

-Read or Die you Uneducated Buffoons
The WebcomiCritic

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