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The ServUp! #1

Hey, TaiNo. I won't be here for two weeks starting Saturday. I'll be in Minnesota doing Japanese immersion camp. Whoohoo!! So, I thought I'd let you all in on my Anime Industry segment before I go. So ladies and gentlemen.... Taisaku no Fail Presents:

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Welcome to The Serv-Up, serving you hot, fresh anime industry news since right now. Alrighty then, let's get the news going!

What the Hetalia!?
News on the popular Axis Powers

A popular Japanese-language webcomic was given an anime adaptation early this year. If it's just an indie comic, how good could it be? It's the story (or lack thereof) of the countries involved in the World Wars personified as mostly cute boys.... played for laughs. There you have it, folks: Axis Powers Hetalia. I have a few bits of news regarding this series.

It's official: Hetalia will have a second series after about 52 episodes. A word of note is that the episodes were officially aired online as webisodes that only last five minutes- including the 30-second ending theme. The second series too, will be aired online.

Of course, every popular series needs Character CDs. Character songs (also called Image Songs) are tunes that are played from a character's point of view, expressing their personality in song. These are usually released in CDs with very few tracks- one or two image songs, the karaoke versions for those songs, and maybe a mini-drama. The songs don't appear in the anime itself, and are sung by the character's voice actor. The first few character CDs that represent Italy, Germany, and Japan have been released (I'll put a tracklist at the bottom), and more recently, America's and France's versions of the theme song, "まるかいて地球" (Marukaite Chikyuu / Draw a Circle, the World) are out!

Hetalia Character CD #1- Italy (CV: Daisuke Namikawa)
1- "おをひとわかししよう♪ " (O-oyu wo Hito Wakashi Shiyou♪ / Let's Boil Hot Water♪)
2- "おいしいトマトの唄" (Oishii☆Tomato no Uta / DeliciousTomato Song)
3- ミニドラマ「俺たち兄弟だよ!」 (Mini Dorama 「Oretachi Kyodai Dayo!」 / Mini Drama 「We're Brothers, Y'know!」
4- "お湯をひとわかししよう♪~ヴェネチアーノ家出中ver.~"(O-oyu wo Hito Wakashi Shiyou♪~Venechiaano Iedechuu ver. / Let's Boil Hot Water♪~Veneciano Ran From Home version)
5-"おいしいトマトの唄~ロマーノ家出中ver.~" (Oishii☆Tomato no Uta~Romano Iedechuu ver./ DeliciousTomato Song~Romano Ran From Home version)

Hetalia Character CD #2- Germany (CV: Hiroki Yasumoto)
1- "ゲルマン讃歌~俺はドイツ製~" (Geruman Sanka- Ore wa Doitsusei / German Praise- I'm Made in Germany)
2- Einsamkeit (Isolation)
3- ミニドラマ「ポスター作ったよ!」 (Mini Dorama 「Posutaa Tsukutta yo!」 / Mini Drama 「I Made a Poster!」)

Hetalia Character CD #3- Japan (CV: Hiroki Takahashi)

Cast Your Vote!
Funimation Needs YOU to vote for new shows

Funimation wants YOU to vote for anime! They plan to acquire many popular series, and Funimation is asking the masses for your feedback. Some include Kuroshitsuji: Dark Butler, Sayonara Zetsubou-Sensei, Basquash!, K-On!, and Axis Powers Hetalia! The list goes on longer. Luckily, you can vote for as many series as you want!

VOTE!! YOUR OPINION IS IMPORTANT! Click here to take the survey,
or use the URL:

Let's feed the industry the food it needs: more anime.

Rapidfire News:
  • Kuroshitsuji manga is liscenced by Yen Press, now running in the YEN+ Magazine under the title Black Butler. The first bound volume will be released January 2010.
  • Hero Tales by Hiromu Arakawa (Fullmetal Alchemist) is liscensed by Yen Press, now running in YEN+ Magazine.
  • Natsume Yuujin-cho by Yuki Midorikawa is licensed by Viz Media and scheduled to be released in January 2010 under the Shojo Beat label.
  • The final volume for Natsuki Takaya's Fruits Basket is a bestseller.
  • Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood opening song "Again" by YUI, makes the top 30 on the Oricon charts.

Stay tuned for a special report later on:
After Otakon! Feedback from attendees!

I hope to get back to you guys with some more news!!
Love you guuyyz~ Lotsa love,
~Artie Drawings

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